Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Fighting with right mouse clicks

Recently I found such an amazing thing as CSS.

I know it is silly to be proud of it, but when I started my "carrier" on computers about 20 years ago on a mainframe SM-4, many things have evolved since. No perfocards, no 15" disks and 11" disquettes... Wow...

Anyway, I discovered CSS and started to learn. First I searched the big G and bumped onto It has many resources for the beginner like me and tutorials to start with. The next step in learning is to grasp knowledge from works already done. Like painter students were copying their masters' works, I decided to get hold of CSS files, too.

I know, there are many G hacks around that find the files you need, like this:

but I decided to do that visually, that is to look at the code of the pages I like. But then I encountered problems with some of the pages that did not allow to make right mouse clicks. Without that it is almost impossible to view source or do copy/paste.

A research on the net brought me to a tip on According to them,
there are two basic methods how to get over it:

  1. When visiting the offending website, type the following into the URL bar of your browser:
  2. If a dialog box opens whenever you right-click, could can often get around it by the following sequence:
    Hold the right mouse button, hit enter to close the dialog box, and then release the right mouse button.

Amazingly, all that works and I can investigate the complex world of CSS code.


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