Monday, January 23, 2006

The latest news about the million dollar homepage is that it has been completed and all pixels worth 1 US dollar each were sold for about 1 million 38 thousand dollars. The difference arose because of the auction on eBay for the last 1000 pixels.

What an idea - a poor student needs money for education and here you are - a brillian fundraising idea which really worked out! Unfortunately for all the rest of us who would like to repeat it - great business ideas work only once and for the first time :(


At 24/1/06 03:27, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the Million Dollar Homepage for Web2.0 Companies -

At 24/1/06 18:26, Blogger Sanctus said...

Thanks, I will definitely follow this up, too. Meanwhile it is not much what to write about ;^)

At 24/2/06 20:24, Anonymous Savel said...

After some investigation of the page, we (omnitel.www users) found, that some of the domains in this page belong to same "poor" student... "─îia kanka yra"


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